Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Licensed Electrician

At Havana Electric, we have collaborated with developers and proprietors of various commercial properties including office spaces, strip malls, and towering skyscrapers. Our consistent delivery of high-quality work and expertise in the field has resulted in continued business growth and an increasing number of projects.

Alongside traditional electrical services, we also offer a diverse range of low-voltage solutions, communication services, and site lighting to elevate the ambiance of any commercial space or storefront. Contact us now to explore the possibilities of partnering with Havana Electric.
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Services we offer

Lighting Systems

Smart Homes

Recessed Lighting

Panel Installations

Service Upgrades

New Construction

Complete Rewiring

Low Voltage Wiring

Surge Protection

Dedicated Circuits

Code Violation Correction


Backup Generators

EV Stations

Electrical Troubleshooting

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EV Charging Stations

Havana Electric installs EV chargers for homes and businesses. We offer customized solutions using the latest technology, handled by our skilled technicians from start to finish. Enjoy the convenience of electric vehicle charging and reduce your carbon footprint with us.

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Projects Gallery

Panel Lighting

EV Chargers

New Service

At Havana Electric, we possess the necessary training, talent, and expertise to fully comprehend your unique electrical requirements. With years of experience in the industry, we have established an unwavering reputation for integrity and quality.

Our team of skilled electricians is not only equipped to offer top-notch solutions, but also dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions. We offer cost-saving and preventative maintenance programs to ensure your residential electrical needs are taken care of. You can trust us to provide you with unparalleled electrical solutions that meet your expectations.

Contact us today at 704-232-5033 to schedule a service call or consultation.